FLEX AV Designer

Flex AV Designer software pairs with the Flex AV FM-19D to allow integrators to create and upload custom device profiles and behaviors. The intuitive user interface allows practically any user, from novice to expert, to design and create any integration solution imaginable.

With Flex AV Designer, you’ll have control over the FM-19D microphone colors, flash sequences and timing, button functionality, polar patterns, gain, mute,  and more – and be able to seamlessly integrate your settings into any Dante audio setup.

You Design What You Need

FLEXAV webiconScript Generator

Take the frustration out of supporting multiple programming platforms and let FLEX AV Designer provide translated code snippets for sending control messages to your FM-19D devices. With a click of a button, FLEX AV Designer will translate the command protocol of the FLEX AV device into AMX, Crestron, or another programming language of your choosing.

FLEXAV webiconCustom Profiles

FLEX AV Designer allows you to visuallize exactly how your FM-19D will react to the situations you program. Create custom profiles that control light patterns, audio feedback, and microphone polar patterns. Program your own default settings into the FLEX AV FM-19D to ensure your most important functionality will be restored after a device is reset.

FLEXAV webiconNetwork Connectivity

Using the Audinate Dante network, Flex AV Designer allows users to connect to any Dante-enabled FLEX AV device to upload and test the device settings. The network is automatically updated and provides an updated list of network-connected FLEX AV devices.

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